Produção Técnico-Científica - LNCC em 2001



Relatórios de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento do LNCC:

1/2001; Kapitonov, B. V.; Raupp, M. A. ; 'Boundary Observation and Exact Control of Multilayered Piezoelectric Body'

2/2001; Murad, M. A. ; Moyne, C. ; 'Micromechanical computational modeling of expansive porous media'

3/2001; Castro, R. G. S.; Loula, A. F. D., Malta, S. M. C. , Landau, L.; 'Numerical analysis of space-time finite element formulations for miscible displacements'

4/2001; Kapitonov, B. V.; Raupp, M. A. ; 'Boundary Observability in Problem of Transmission for the System of Piezoelectricity'

5/2001; Rezende, F. B.; Almeida, R. C. ; 'Refinamento e Desrefinamento Adaptativo no Pacote 2DhpAP'

6/2001; Silva, R. S. ; de Carvalho, M. F. P. R.; 'Using a Cluster of PC's to Solve Convection Diffusion Problems'

7/2001; Silva, R. S. ; da Silva, R. F.; 'Um Estudo Experimental sobre Balanceamento de Carga Estático'

8/2001; Silva, R. S. ; de Carvalho, M. F. P. R.; 'A Study of the Influence of the Topology of a Cluster of PC's on CFD Codes'

9/2001; da Silva, L.F.F.; Almeida, R. C. ; 'Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Flows'

10/2001; Wille, S.O.; Loula, A. F. D., Staff, O; 'Block and Full Matrix ILU Preconditioners for Parallel Finite Element Solvers'

11/2001; Bisognin, E.; Menzala, G. A. P. , Bisognin, V.; 'Exponential Stabilization of a Coupled System of Korteweg- de Vries Equations with Localized Damping'

12/2001; Fragoso, M. D. ; Baczynski, J. ; 'Stochastic versus mean square stability in continuous time linear infinite Markov jump parameter systems'

13/2001; Fragoso, M. D. ; Baczynski, J. ; 'Lyapunov coupled equations for continuous-time infinite Markov jump linear systems'

14/2001; Fragoso, M. D. ; Baczynski, J. ; 'On an infinite dimensional perturbed Riccati differential equation arising in stochastic control'

15/2001; Giorgi, C.; Munoz Rivera, J. E., Vittorino P.; 'Global Attractors for a Semilinear Hyperbolic Equation in Viscoelasticity'

16/2001; Ferreira, M. B. J. ; Almeida, R. C. ; 'Turbulencia: Conceitos Básicos e Abordagens Numéricas'

17/2001; Silva, R.C.C.; Loula, A. F. D.; 'Gradient Post-Processing for Triangular Elements'

18/2001; Suarez, D. G. F.; Pereira, F., Murad, M. A. ; 'Stochastic Computational Modeling of Reservoir Compaction Due to Fluid Withdrawal'

19/2001; Raya, R. P. ; Zuazua, E. ; 'Asymptotic Expansion for the Generalized Benjamin-Bona-Mahony-Burger Equation'

20/2001; Andrade, M.G.; Carneiro, A.A., Fragoso, M. D. ; 'A Stochastic Approach to the Flood Control Problem of Hydroeletric Systems Reservoirs'

21/2001; Barrenechea, G. R.; Valentin, F.; 'An Unusual Stabilized Finite Element Method for a Generalized Stokes Problem'

22/2001; Basombrio, F.G.; Dari, E. A. , Buscaglia, G. , Feijóo, R. A.; 'Numerical Experiments in Complex Haemodynamic Flows. Non-Newtonian Effects'

23/2001; Kapitonov, B. V.; Raupp, M. A. ; 'Exact Boundary Controllability of Piezoelectric System in Multilayered Media'

24/2001; Madureira, A.L.; Valentin, F.; 'Analysis of Curvature Influence on Effective Boundary Conditions'

25/2001; Giraldi, G. A. ; Oliveira, A., Strauss, E., Vasconcelos, N.; 'Dual and Topologically Adaptable Snakes and Initialization of Deformable Models'

26/2001; Zheng, S.; Qin, Y. ; 'Universal Attractors for the Navier-Stokes Equations of Compressible and Heat Conductive Fluid in Bounded Annular Domain in Rn'

27/2001; Liu, F.; Wang, S., Qin, Y. ; 'Global Classical Solutions for a Class of Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems'

28/2001; Munoz Rivera, J. E.; Qin, Y. ; 'Polynomial Decay for the Energy with an Acoustic Boundary Condition'

29/2001; Haas, F.; 'Frobenius Method and Invariants for One-Dimensional Time-Dependent Hamiltonian Systems'

30/2001; Haas, F.; Goedert, J.; 'Dynamical Symmetries and the Ermakov Invariant'

31/2001; Manfredi, G.; Haas, F.; 'Self-Consistent Model for a Quantum Electron Gas'

32/2001; Haas, F.; Manfredi, G., Goedert, J.; 'Nyquist Method for Wigner-Poisson Quantum Plasmas'

33/2001; Menzala, G. A. P. ; Pazoto, A.F., Zuazua, E. ; 'Stabilization of Timoshenko's Equation as Limit of the Uniform Stabilization of the von Kármán System of Beams and Plates'

34/2001; Olinto, A.C.; 'The Bogoliubov Inequality and Bose-Einstein Condensates with Repulsive and Attractive Interactions'

35/2001; Kapitonov, B. V.; Raupp, M. A. ; 'Simultaneous Exact Control of Piezoelectric System in Multilayred Media'

36/2001; Grishanov, N. I.; de Azevedo, C.A., Pereira N., J.; 'Dielectric Characteristics of Axisymmetric Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak Plasmas with Circular Magnetic Surfaces'

37/2001; Haas, F.; 'Noether Symmetries for Charged Particle Motion Under a Magnetic Monopole and General Electric Fields'

38/2001; Belyaev, K. P. ; Tanajura, C.A.S.; 'An Extension of a Data Assimilation Method Based on the Application of the Fokker-Planck Equation'

39/2001; Madureira, A.L.; 'An Always Convergent Biharmonic Model'

40/2001; Novotny, A.A., Feijóo, R. A., Taroco, E., Padra, C. ; 'Cálculo da Derivada Topológica via Análise de Sensibilidade à Mudança de Forma Aplicada a Otimização Topológica no Problema de Poisson'

41/2001; Moyne, C. ; Murad, M. A. ; 'Electro-Chemo-Mechanical Couplings in Swelling Clays Derived from a Micro/Macro Homogenization Procedure'

42/2001; Munoz Rivera, J. E.; Santos, M.L.; 'Polynomial Stability to Three-Dimensional Magnetoelastic Waves'

43/2001; Munoz Rivera, J. E.; Santos, M.L.; 'Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to a von Kármán System for Plates with Boundary Memory'

44/2001; Haas, F.; 'Bose-Einstein Condensates with Time-Dependent Harmonic Traps and Ermakov Systems'

45/2001; Bodmann, B.E.J.; Haas, F., Goedert, J.; 'Transformações de Simetrias Externas-Internas Acopladas a sua Implicação na Eletrodinâmica de Campos Vetoriais Fracos Médios'

46/2001; Barrenechea, G. R.; Valentin, F., LeTallec, P.; 'New Wall for the Unsteady Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations on Rough Domains'

47/2001; Giraldi, G. A. ; Oliveira, A., Strauss, E.; 'Improving the Dual-T-Snakes Model for Medical Imaging Segmentation'

48/2001; Osthoff, C. ; Amorim, C.L., Seidel, C., Ariosto, D., Matoso, M.; 'Exploiting Distributed Shared Memory Mechanisms to Improve Cache Performance in Parallel Database Systems'

49/2001; Osthoff, C. ; Amorim C., Matoso, M.; 'O Software Distributed Shared Memory Input/Output'

50/2001; Schulze, B.R.; Madeira, E.R.M.; 'Service Discovery and Migration in Ad Hoc Networks'

51/2001; Kritz, M. V. ; 'Modelos Matemáticos, Modelos Computacionais e Além ...'

52/2001; Corrêa, G. O. ; Sales, D.M.; 'A Transfer Function Optimization Procedure for the H2/H(infinity) Problem'

53/2001; Toledo, R. C. P. L. ; Toledo, E. M. ; 'Least-Squares Finite Element for 2-D Advective Transport Modeling'

54/2001; Toledo, E. M. ; Torres, A.R., Alves, C. M. ; 'Transporte de Constituintes Passivos na Atmosfera Utilizando o RAMS'

55/2001; Toledo, R. C. P. L. ; Toledo, E. M. , Vasconcelos, M.S.; 'Aplicação da Formulação de Mínimos Quadrados a Problemas de Difusão'

56/2001; Ferreira, P. C. ; Toledo, E. M. , Barra, L.P.S., Mendes, R.B.; 'Análise de Tensões em Implantes Odontológicos'

57/2001; Barra, L.P.S.; Lemonge, A.C.C., Toledo, E. M. , Cruz, M.; 'Análise de Tensões na Vizinhança de um Implante Bioform'

58/2001; Sosa, W.; Raupp, F. M. P. ; 'A New Approach to Multicriteria Optimization Problem'

Total de Relatórios de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento do LNCC: 58

Relatórios de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento de Outras Instituições:

Baldovin, F; Schulze, B.R., Tsallis, C.; 'Nonstandard mixing in the standard map'; 2001

Menzala, G. A. P. ; Zuazua, E. ; 'On a one-dimensional version of the dynamical Marguerre-Vlasov system'; 2001; Centro de Modelamiento Matematico, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Menzala, G. A. P. ; 'Uniform decay rates of the solutions of a nonlinear lattice'; 2001; Centro de Modelamiento Matematico, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Total de Relatórios de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento de Outras Instituições: 3